Kombucha Tea Recipe

7-Benefits-of-KombuchaHere’s the recipe for Kombucha tea:
2 litre wide mouth jar (no metal containers)
2 litres of filtered water
3/4 cup of raw organic cane sugar
4 teabags or 4 teaspoons of loose black, green or white tea (no herbal, Earl Grey or other fragranced tea as it can contaminate the culture)
A “Scoby” – the culture that ferments the teaSignature thin
1.Bring half the water to the boil, add sugar to a bowl and dissolve in the boiled water,
2. Add the 4 teabags and leave for at least 15 mins
3. Remove teabags or strain the loose tea
4. Pour the brewed mixture into your 2L jar
5. Add the other litre of filtered water
6. Once luke warm to cold add the “Scoby” – it will float or drop.
7.Top the jar up with 1 cup of starter tea which you buy with the Scoby and after your first batch you can set aside 1 cup for your next batch plus Scoby.
8. Keep in a warm place, covered lightly with a piece of muslin/ cheesecloth to keep out dust/bugs.Leave for up to 30 days depending on how strong you like the flavour.
9. Decant into a jug with a lid, keep in the fridge and drink daily.
It is useful to check out the ‘how to make Kombucha tea’ video on http://www.culturesforhealth.com/how-to-videos#kombucha_videos

Make sure all utensils and your hands are scrupulously clean before preparation, you want to keep the preparation as sterile as possible.

Starter kit Scobys can be purchased online in most countries, just google Kombucha tea starter kit
If you live in Hong Kong, pm me!

Any questions let me know!


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