“Our 4 month old daughter found getting to sleep difficult; needing to be held for all her naps and kept in our bed for night time sleep.

Young couple hugging their baby girl

I had read all the books and information available and despite learning about the many methods out there I was as confused as ever and our baby’s sleeping actually seemed to be getting worse. I was frequently bursting into tears in the day from exhaustion and feeling a failure as a mother with my nights were becoming more and more fragmented.
At one of Deborah’s sleep seminars I was lucky enough to win a home visit sleep consultation. I was excited but really couldn’t imagine what else could be done that we hadn’t already tried!
During the detailed questioning in the home visit, Deborah was able to pinpoint exactly where we were going wrong and made simple but effective recommendations for us to follow consistently – none of which included crying.
It was as though our baby had listened to the conversation because it was at exactly that point that our lives turned around! She was sleeping in her cot the very next day for naps and night time sleep, and within only one week she could fall asleep on her own about half the time. I couldn’t believe how quickly our lives turned around. I could actually do other things during the day and our baby was much more secure, well rested, happy and self settling.
There is no magic secret, it’s a matter of having Deborah look at everything your doing with feeding, sleeping and soothing and seeing where changes can be made in your particular situation. All our babies are different, as are the parents, and that’s why a personalised approach is so much more useful.
Knowing how much Deborah’s advice has helped us, I would not hesitate to pay for another consultation or recommend other parents to do so. She is professional, personable. knowledgable and most importantly effective.”
Lynn Matthews – July 2014

“Hi Deborah, just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your advice with Rosie. She is in the swing of the day routine and slept in her own bed for a full night last night. She even fell asleep by herself for this morning’s nap after a small cry – magic!”
May 2014

Everyone in our family was exhausted from constant lack of sleep, our 9 month old twins kept waking up every few hours at night until we met Joyce.  Before that, we had made lots of effort to follow and try other moms’ methods and suggestions, however without any success!  With Joyce’s professional advice, the babies’ daily routines have been put nicely into place.  We were absolutely amazed when after only a couple of days our little ones started sleeping through the night and our lives are now back to normal!  Thanks Joyce, you are a life saver!”
 Winnie Cheng – March 2014

“I just wanted to say thanks again to Joyce,  Matthieu seems to be steadily sleeping through the night now and we are able to put him to sleep easily. Your tips were fantastic. You are a life saver!
Thank you!”
Rachel – Feb 2014

“Hi Deborah, just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your advice with Rosie. She is in the swing of the day routine and slept in her own bed for a full night last night. She even fell asleep by herself for this morning’s nap after a small cry – magic!”
Rebecca – Dec 2013

 “It’s been about 5 months since we have slept through the night, we feel so normal now and cannot believe the change! Thanks Deborah for your advice, it’s been amazing! Our daughter is very settled now and in a good routine!””
Carley Ward – Oct 2013

“We have had great success with Oscar’s sleep since meeting with you! Although we had a good week or so of difficulties while we were getting firmer about making the changes we needed to make, Oscar has done a great job with changing his sleep habits. Our 3 goals of having him go to sleep by himself, going back to sleep by himself if he wakes to pee, and staying in bed until 6am, have all been accomplished. We have greatly shortened our night time bath/reading stories/bed routine, cut out any snacks after dinner, pushed back the bath time to much closer to bed time, and generally use of mantra of mommy/daddy loves you, sleep well as our form of communication once he has gone down. He has surprised us with taking himself to the bathroom at night and putting himself back to bed. Oscar never comes into our room anymore in the middle of the night and almost never gets out of bed before 6am! Once he wakes at 6am, he takes himself to the kitchen to start breakfast with my helper. We are very grateful for your advice and input. Your advice was very practical and easy to implement and it really provided us with the impetus we needed to be firm and consistent with making the changes that we needed to make. Oscar has already earned a trip to Disneyland for getting 15 stops on his train reward chart! We are all really happy with his progress. Thank you again Deborah”
Karen – Sept 2013

“If you are frazzled and feel completely helpless because your baby won’t sleep, don’t think twice!! Reach out to Deborah!! Your life will change and I wish I had found her earlier.
Our beautiful baby girl had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep since birth, and I was really, really glad that I found out about Deborah after 8 gruelling months of waking up more than 10 times every night!!
My baby is now sleeping 10 hours every night, and is able to re-settle herself if she wakes!! Thank you Deborah for saving my life!! ”
Kitty Leung – August 2013

“Last night was the first time my baby ate at 11, 3.30 and then woke at 6!! It’s amazing after only 3 days!! Thank you so much!! I referred my friend to you as well.”
Rachel – July 2013

“The magic in Deborah’s work lies not only in knowing how to get babies to sleep–and stay asleep!–but also in custom-tailoring her approaches. Instead of prescribing pre-cooked solutions, Deborah listens and moves from that unique space to ensure that challenges are appropriately addressed. As a new mother, I now know a goodnight sleep is invaluable for a family’s and individual’s functioning. My son, husband, and I owe many restful evenings to Deborah.”
Allison Heiliczer – May 2013

“Hardly dare type this but Rory has slept until 7 the last three mornings. Great advice! Thanks.”
Katie Bolton – May 2013

“We contacted Deborah when my baby was around 4 and half months old. Up until 4 months, he was sleeping after feeding but usually it would take us 1 hour to 2 hours to get him to sleep. Then when he turned four months, it went downhill rapidly. I didn’t know how much sleep he was suppose to get or when he was suppose to nap or how long. Everyone seem to have an opinion but no actual helpful advice. The elders said oh don’t let him sleep too much during the day but that was terrible advice… He was not sleeping at night and then during the day, he would be so exhausted. When I took him to the doctor, I found that his weight gain had slowed down and I was both worried and tired. After 3 weeks of continuously having no sleep for both of us and the baby, I decided to see if I could find someone who could help us. At that stage, I think I would have given anything for a decent night sleep!
I found Deborah on line from my google search and quickly contacted her with a very desperate message that we need to see her asap. She was able to come in that morning and she was so professional. She asked us questions about everything from his feeding to nap times etc. I felt she was listening to our needs and concerns. I didn’t want the crying out approach as it was so distressing for me to listen to my baby cry so much, so I am glad she suggested other ways.
She checked the bedroom to make sure that the sleeping environment was conducive to sleep and also worked out a sleep plan which we implemented that day. It wasn’t easy and it took over a week for my baby to gradually sleep longer at night. At the first follow up call, we made some adjustments and for the first time, my baby slept for 9 hours. We were so surprised and happy. Now when I put him down for his nap, I can walk out of the room and come back in after 10 minutes to find he has soothed himself to sleep happily, whereas before I would be spending at least an hour trying to get him to sleep. Now he sleeps at least 9-10 hours every night. My husband and I have our sanity back and everyone is so much happier. I think spending that money to get valuable help and advice was the best money I have ever spent! Thank you Deborah so much for your help.”
Fiona Lee – March 2013

“Our daughter was 6 1/2 months old when we contacted Deborah for help. She would only sleep if held, was waking every hour to hour and a half and had to be nursed back to sleep every time she woke, and daytime naps were erratic and equally challenging. In addition to being very concerned for her health and well being, her sleep habits were taking a toll on the entire family. We were desperate to get her sleeping, on her own and with a healthy schedule.
Within a few days of our first meeting with Deborah we felt as if we had control of our lives again (and I found myself enjoying being my daughter’s Mom even more-so than I already was). Deborah was very thorough and very thoughtful in her approach. She asked a lot of questions in order to understand and assess our daughters situation. She also asked us about our goals for our daughters sleep to ensure her advice aligned with our needs and desires. She then provided an hour by hour program for feedings and sleep and a lot of guidance on how to gently work towards eliminating our daughters dependance on us for settling and sleep. We worked with Deborah over the course of a few months. The end result was a baby that falls asleep on her own, sleeps 12+ hours per night and wakes happily in the morning. Although naps are still challenging, thanks to Deborah we have the tools to manage thru challenging naps and we feel in control of our schedule. Most importantly we know our daughter has a healthy routine for both sleeping and eating.
As a first time Mom, I was so thankful for Deborah’s help There are so many things to figure out with a new baby, and so much conflicting information out there. Working with Deborah immediately relieved stress and worries and enabled me to feel confident in the steps I was taking to address the issues we were having. The results we’ve achieved have been terrific and often friends comment they cannot believe how well our daughter sleeps. We are very thankful we had the opportunity to work with Deborah and offer our highest recommendation to any family struggling to get their infant into a healthy sleep routine.”
Elsbeth – January 2013

“Dear Deborah, I have been meaning to email you and thank you for your fantastic advice. We have now sleep trained Elise using the method and the new bedtime routine you suggested. The night wakings have also stopped.
It was really great to get your input and expertise, we really appreciate how thoroughly—and thoughtfully—you approached the issue!
Many, many thanks,”
Faina and Joshua – Nov 2012

“Our life was in total chaos before we met Deborah! Our 2.5 year old had always been a problematic sleeper. It would take us hours (and often several bottles of milk) to get him off to sleep and then he would still wake up 2 or 3 times a night and wouldn’t resettle without more bottles and my husband or me lying down with him. We were exhausted, but then when our newborn arrived and was awake and feeding every 2 to 3 hours we knew we needed help. Our pediatrician recommended Deborah to us. We were immediately impressed with her professionalism and flexible approach. All of the other midwives and sleep specialists we had seen had told us that control crying was the only answer, but that wasn’t something that we were ever very comfortable with. Deborah listened to our needs and came up with a tailor made routine for our 2.5 year old and he was sleeping through the night in a matter of weeks (without any bottles)! We would definitely recommend Deborah to any other struggling mums and dads out there!”
Julie – Nov 2012

“Great news, following your consultation we now have two sleeping angels!! Our daughter took the change really well, she didnt cry at all just gave out for a while when we moved outside the door, and now she goes down in her bed and goes to sleep by herself (with a small amount of protest for a couple of mins) and our baby son is doing absolutely great, he loves his new routine no matter how tired he is before bed he is always smiling after his bath, he knows its bedtime!!
Thank you so much for all of your help, Conor and I don’t know ourselves now with all of the extra time we have after they go to bed, they sleep so soundly, our daughter has only woken a handful of times at night and I am delighted to say that we can tell her to go back to sleep from outside the door and then return to bed.
We will continue to follow your advice and wanted to drop you a line to express our heartfelt gratitude with our new life!!
Thank you!”
Jennifer and Conor Doheny – Oct 2012

“Nigel was 11 months old when we sought advice from Deborah. We learnt about her from a friend. Nigel had never slept continuously for more than 4 hours at night. He took very fragmented naps during the day and was grumpy. He woke up every night, several times. He just wouldn’t settle—he sometimes screamed when he woke up; he sometimes stood in his cot making noises to attract your attention (at 3-4a.m.!!). My helper was not getting continuous night sleep except during her Sunday holiday. It had been a long while since my husband and I were able to get a good sleep. My husband and I were both working. We were seriously worried that my helper would quit as even ourselves could not tolerate the exhaustion from handling the kid. We danced and rocked and cradled him up to 30-40minutes before every sleep. His weight gain was suboptimal as his appetite was not great.
Deborah analyzed Nigel’s sleep pattern with us, then tailor-made Nigel’s daily sleep and feeding routine. The initial few weeks were quite difficult. We relied on Deborah’s feedback to alter our strategy as we went along and gradually, miracles happened. First, Nigel was able to sleep in his own bed instead of sleeping on somebody’s lap. Then he was able to settle on his own and to get back to sleep when he woke up. Furthermore, we no longer needed to dance around when we were rocking him to sleep. Although he still sometimes woke up 1-2 times at night, he settled quickly. He now sleeps from 10:30p.m. till 7:30a.m. and takes two naps a day(2 hours each). My helper is able to do the housework while Nigel is taking his naps. The boy is now gaining weight and is very happy. Most importantly, the adults are now sleeping well too! Thank you very much, Deborah. We should have come to you earlier.
We highly recommend Deborah to parents whose babies have sleep concerns. Deal with it early and everybody is able to get a good night’s sleep.”
Purdy – July 2012

“Max had never been a great sleeper since birth but it all came to a head when our daughter was born, the lack of sleep with a newborn combined with a 2 year old waking up on average between 2-3 times a night, my husband and I were completely sleep deprived and at a loss as to what to do. We were at a point where he had to have one of us sitting in his room until he fell asleep at bedtime and sleeping on the floor in his room all night. Despite this, he still woke up at least twice during the night and most times would be extremely difficult to settle back. Max’s Pediatrician had recommended that I contact Deborah when he was 1 (if only I had!), as his sleeping issues were still somewhat manageable for us at that point we had decided it was not necessary yet although we had instilled bad settling habits already.
After six weeks of sticking to Deborah’s tailored sleep programme, we are now able to switch off the lights, say goodnight and close the door at bedtime and Max now settles himself and sleeps through the night from 8pm to 6am! We are still in shock as we never thought this day would come. It has not been an easy process and we could not have done it without Deborah’s guidance and support. We are extremely grateful and would recommend any parent experiencing sleep issues with their child to contact Deborah.”
Denise Millet – May 2012

“My four month old baby daughter would only ever catnap during the day.  We couldn’t get her to sleep in her own bed.  It was always either in our arms, or on the sofa when she finally fell asleep.  I knew her lack of sleep was unhealthy but whenever we tried to put her in her own bed, she would cry and scream, even though we could tell that she was really tired.  It was impossible — we didn’t know what to do.  Luckily, when I was pregnant, I saw an article about Deborah in the SCMP and made a note of her details incase I ever had problems settling my own baby… and sure enough, that day came where I finally conceded and realized that I needed help.  My baby now naps three times a day, in her own bed, and without fuss.  Honestly, forget all the books and searching the internet for a solution — all that information only serves to confuse you further.  Every baby and every environment is different, you really need a tailor-made solution that works for your baby and your family. If you are reading this page, then I suspect you need help settling your baby…call Deborah, you won’t be disappointed.  I thank Deborah for all her help and encouragement, and would highly recommend her to anyone with a catnapping baby.”
Wai Chan – April 2012

“Ayden had been through a really tough period in falling asleep and having a lot of wake ups during the night, from 7-9 months of age.  He needed a lot of help to settle for naps and night sleep and woke up more than 4 times at night, not being able to fall back to sleep without us helping him. Me and my husband were so puzzled about why this was and did not know what to do. Luckily my friend referred us to contact Deborah. We saw Deborah 3 times and with her advice and support, Ayden became progressively easier to settle and stay asleep.
Thank you so much Deborah for your advice! Ayden now is able to settle himself to sleep at night and nap times, without any help and sleeps from 8pm to 7am at night, with only an occasional wake up. You are very professional and helpful. I definitely will refer you to my friends.”
Vera – February 2012

“Having spoilt my two year old twin boys since birth, they have never fallen asleep alone, either being rocked or patted down to sleep. I also work full time in a highly intensive job, and was not able to keep up with their constant waking (times 2!) and always ended with them in my bed leaving very little room for us.
Functioning with little sleep left me cranky and sometimes resentful towards the little ones, that I knew I needed help. I read about Deborah in the SCMP Family Post and contacted her the next day. With her advice, we switched the boys’ bedtime routine, and started the laborious task of getting the boys to sleep by themselves. Not having the luxury of space to separate them, Deborah managed to work within the constraints and though the 1st night was really tough and heart breaking, the next 4 weeks were to say a breeze.
Though I miss having with a cuddle with them in the middle of the night, there is certainly the joy of reading them a bedtime story before tucking them in bed and of course the ability to sleep for 6 hours straight!
I wish I hadn’t waited for 2 years! Thanks Deborah, you are a miracle worker.”
Ann Burns – December 2011

“Our 8 month old daughter Poppy was waking every 1 to 2 hours through the night, every night!  My husband and I were at our wits ends, completely exhausted and aware of the problem but unable to put a solution in place. The only way to settle Poppy was for me to feed her, knowing this was the wrong thing to do but so exhausted and emotional I was unable to do anything else, I just felt awful.  When I started to feel some resentment towards my daughter and her inability to sleep I knew I needed help and that is when I called Deborah.  To say this was a life changing decision would be an understatement.  From the beginning her calm nature and absolute confidence that this problem could be solved made me feel instantly better, within a few days we had gone through a consultation and set up a sleeping plan which did not involve leaving Poppy to cry it out and was completely tailored to her (and my) personality and needs.  To say the first few days were easy would be a lie, but to have someone there telling you that if you persevere it will work made such a difference.  Within days we saw a massive improvement and by the end of one week Poppy was sleeping solidly through the night, every night!  I felt like the clouds had lifted and angels were singing from the heavens, what a different life you live when you get to sleep each night!  Poppy has just turned one year and is still sleeping solidly through the night.  We can’t thank Deborah enough, the only thing I would change…….. I’d have called her sooner!”
Donna Rexstrew – Nov 2011

“I was having great difficulty getting my 6 week old son Tom to nap properly in the daytime and also finding it hard to settle him without holding him in my arms and patting him to sleep. Deborah showed me how to get him to sleep by himself in his moses basket and also explained baby sleep patterns and how to spot when he was tired in order to get him to sleep regularly during the day. On her advice, I kept a sleep and feeding chart for a week and spotted a very strong pattern of sleep which we have worked to consolidate. Two weeks on and Tom now sleeps very well for his age and goes down to sleep quickly with no fuss. Deborah has a very kind and open manner which makes her very easy to have in your home and makes you want to listen to her advice. I am extremely happy with the progress we’ve made as a result of her help and would recommend her to anyone having trouble getting their child to sleep.”
Angharad Hampshire – August 2011

“I was very frustrated and exhausted because my son Wesley woke up every 1.5 hours at night for many months.  I had tried many methods but they did not help anyway.  It is so amazing to see the dramatic changes for him after seeking advice from Deborah.  He can now fall asleep by himself and sleeps through the night, waking up happy in the mornings. He is also happier with independent play during the day. This has all happened within 3 weeks of seeking Deborah’s help!  His healthier feeding and sleeping patterns and habits were gradually established by following her tailor-made suggestions.  I highly recommend Deborah for parents whose babies are suffering from sleeping and settling problems!  We are so grateful for your professional advice and support all the way Deborah!”
Kennis Lee – June 2011

“The impact of the sleep programme has been tremendous and we couldn’t be happier with the results we obtained. Our toddler son can now sleep through the night and wake up happier and healthier. Deborah’s advice was both easy to understand and apply. It is now us who need to learn to sleep through the night after many months of interrupted sleep!
Thanks Deborah for your assistance.”
Carol Lau – May 2011

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for your help and advice. With more and better quality sleep, Alexa’s mood has improved dramatically and we are all so happy that she no longer screams in the middle of her sleep. I know we are not quite perfect yet but we are already so pleased with the improvement. When I get round to having another baby, I will definitely enlist you again to help establish a good routine early on!”
Amanda Wong – May 2011

“When I first met Deborah my wife and I were completely exhausted.  Emily, aged 17 months, was waking in the night every 1-2 hours and was unable to go back to sleep by herself without being held, rocked or patted.  We had heard a lot about leaving babies to cry themselves to sleep as a method for getting them to sleep through the night but this was not how we wanted to deal with the problem. Deborah approached our situation in a thoroughly calm, professional and non judgmental manner. Armed with Deborah’s advice, Emily slept for longer and took less time to go back to sleep within only one week. After about one month she slept through the night for 12 hours! and continues to sleep through now.
I can’t begin to thank Deborah enough for her invaluable advice and would highly recommend her services to any parent whose child is having difficulty sleeping.  The sooner the better.”
Frank Burke – March 2011

“When I contacted Deborah I was sleep deprived and incredibly confused with all the information and books out there on sleeping tactics. On our first meeting she got to know my son and made a program designed for him and our family’s needs in mind. It was so helpful to have someone to meet and call when I found myself unsure of what to do. Deborah never insisted I do anything I was uncomfortable with, the changes were gradual which made it easier for us to follow through. Within a week we were able to get him to sleep through the night, and in less than 2 weeks we got our naps sorted out. It was incredible. As a family we could not be happier. I would highly recommend Deborah to any mother who is having trouble with their baby’s sleep and settling…. this is worth your while.”
Sofia Keyes – January 2011

“We first went to Deborah for help after our two weeks trip in Australia. While we were on vacation, we put our helper/nanny in the same room with our 21 months old daughter, EmmaRose. Prior to the trip, EmmaRose was sleeping in her own room and through the night. After the trip, EmmaRose all of a sudden failed to settle herself back to sleep when she woke up in the middle of the night as we suspected that she got used to having someone in her room while we were in Australia. She cried 3-5 times a night and she would only stop if either myself or my husband went in her room to calm her down. The situation got worse by the day and it took longer and longer to settle her back to sleep. As working parents, these middle of the night wakening was very harsh on us as both of us were not getting enough sleep. We ended up taking turn sleeping on a folding mattress in her room but it only caused us major backaches. So we decided to try Feberization (the so-called Cry It Out technique). Not only it did not work, but Emma Rose jumped off her crib when we left her crying on her own for about 10 minutes. That was when we decided to seek help from Deborah’s baby sleep clinic. After a few consultations with Deborah, my older daughter is now is sleeping through the night again. Deborah understands every toddler is different and hence the approach to the issue should be tailored made to the baby/toddler’s situation. She spent time understanding EmmaRose’s living environment and her interaction/relationships with the people around her. We are very thankful to Deborah for her help. My husband and I are now sleeping through the night again.”
Kitty Cheung November – 2010

“When we first went to see Deborah we could hardly have hoped for such fantastic results!  Our 8 month old son George was catnapping during the day, finding it difficult to settle at bedtime, and waking up several times during the night.  What to do when he woke up crying at night, and when and how to put him to bed, was becoming a source of tension within the family (we also have a grandmother and a helper living with us).  But within 5 days of following Deborah’s calm, practical advice, George started sleeping through the night and eventually settled to a routine of two good daytime naps:  I just wish I had gone to see Deborah earlier, and saved on the arguments, as well as the many sleep books that I devoured in my desperation!”
Peter and Hwei Davies – September 2010